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I think this is awesome.

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yes i know its from Wikipedia, but it says theres been studies repeated with the same results.

Taken directly from Wikipedia, Here

"The National Sport Health Institute in Englewood, California tested several professional motocross racers in early 2006 as part of a comparative study of the cardiovascular fitness of athletes from various disciplines. Athletes from track, American football and soccer were tested, among others. Motocross racers get their heart rate up to around 180 to 190 beats per minute and hold it there for about 35 minutes. Another thing to consider is that they do this twice per day (Original article appeared in "TIME" magazine in 2005). Comparatively, those participating in leisure activities such as track and field only manage to raise their heart rates to a HRM 150 for only five minutes. A subsequent study by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre's Sports Performance Complex in 2007 reconfirmed the result with more recent motocross racers. The intense physical demand of motocross derives from the fact that the racer of the bike must keep complete control of a 200+ pound bike, while also maintaining their top speed throughout the race. Motocross is watched weekly on television by many Americans and receives the highest rating out of any other sport which airs on television. Motocross is supported strongly by many well know companies, organizations and figures such as the FOX network, McDonalds and the president George Bush. [2]"


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