Has anyone had a serious enough tail bone injury to force them to stop riding? How about an old injury that surfaces when you ride hard? What can I do to protect it, and is there anything I can do to help it?



I cracked mine mountain biking 10 years ago.

It still hurts sometimes. I don't think it will ever be the same. I just live with it.


Practice Riding Standing up....You'll go faster, and get a better cardiocvascular work out.

Bonzai :)

Chiropractors can AND will adjust tailbones...in all seriousness.

Tail Bone Injury

I broke mine on a Jet Ski accident about 4 years ago, it's never been the same since, in fact I don't think it has ever healed correctly. Most the time I don't notice it, but other times it can be uncomfortable just to sit down. I am a stand up rider for the most part but in the really tight stuff if I'm sitting down alot with a rough trail it inflames it some. I also know of two other individuals who have had the end chunk removed after breakage :) when it became necessary........TW

I broke my tail bone last year, it still hurts like hell. What i did is put about a 1/2 inch fome on my bike seat. It took me about 3 weeks to be able to ride agian. Good luck, and try to stand up the whole time you ride, when im out raceing its hard to stand up for a 100 mile desert race. :)

That's exactly my problem. I crashed a year ago and lost the top of my knee in the desert. I have a hard time standing on my bike for too long. I think that is why I have started noticing this tail bone thing. My knee gets fatigued really fast and I end up on my as@#*

If any of you guys are still looking for a way to protect this area I was recently refered to the web site for EVS sports. They sell ballstic riding shorts with a tailbone pad. I will let you guys know how it works if your interseted.

ZThanks for the info :)


Fox Comp Shorts have the same protection, I have been wearing them when riding for over a year now. The additional Hip pads also help out tremendously.

Bonzai :)

Hey Kai, It's going to take a long time for it to heel- what your really waiting for is the nerve endings to die. I broke my tailbone years ago, the tip of my tailbone snapped backwards,it should be curved towards the front of you,mine sticks out in the plummers crack,so i'm basically sitting right on it. I ask it it could be broke back into position, Doc said you can't do that because all your nerves run down your spine and end up there,and that it would be dangerous to do that. He told me it would take time for the nerves to desensify(die). It really did hurt and took a long time.

As for the padding, it would have help if you had it before the accident,not really going to help now. You know, even seating on a soft pillow

hurts, the first couple of days i couldn't even get out of the bed,had to lay on my stomach.

One more thing, if you want some good padded shorts w/tail bone protection, save your money, go to a good sporting good store that sells football equipment and buy yourself a gridle that holds hip/tailbone/thigh pads, you can get different thickness and one's that are hard shell, you can take blows of a hammer and not feel a thing.Very cheap compared to big name co. like fox and others that charge up to 50 bucks. Hope this helps.

Oh! - you can always ride with an inflatable hemroid donut strapped to your A**! :):D:D


Thanks for the advice. I played football for a long time and actually thought about a girdle. I wasn't sure if there was something better on the market. In reality though it serves the same purpose so why spend the extra money?. I dont think I actually broke the bone, but I definitly bruised it. I suppose if it were broken I would surly know it.

Thanks again for your help!


What do you mean wait? I'm already 41!

I do remember actually bruising my,,, well you know, the thing you pee with, when I was about 13. I never knew you could actually bruise one of those.

Kai- Same goes for neck-rolls, you can get football ones that are round or flat very cheap at a sporting goods store,compared to ones that go for 40 bucks and up! Just for a name.

Ya know, I've never hurt my tailbone before, but I did last weekend. I don't even know what I did, but I had to quit early because a sharp pain. I kind'a thought I was crazy, but I'm strangely relieved that others have suffered from this also.

Just wait until your in your Fourties and smack your prostate coming off a jump, or have the rear end kick up and take a nice hard shot to it....

Like my friends said....Thats Entertainment!

Man that hurt to pee for a week.....

Bonzai :)

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