Hot Cams for '04 WR450 - Part numbers 4044-1E / 4023-1IN

Hi :worthy:

Does anyone know if these are the correct Hot Cams part numbers for my 2004 WR450?

4044-1 E / 4023-1 IN

And if they are, will teh electric start still work ok?

I know someone selling some unused ones at the right price and would like a tad more power :thumbsup:



yes those are the correct part numbers for that machine. they are designed to work with electric start.

Many thanks for the replies :worthy:

I spent ages searching through the forum and foud mixed results regarding the E-start.

So, have you found a good noticable power increase with these cams - any down sides?

Thanks again :thumbsup:


There is a thread with a guy saying he lost too much bottom end power , there is also talk there of just running the hot cams intake cam . As far as I've seen dyno sheets the dyno sheets did not show a loss of bottom end .

read this whole thread

I've got a set coming for my 07 wr450. I have a yz ex cam in right now and it did get harder to e start. but way easier to kick . but once I figured the bike out right I can use the e-z button every time

This is regurgitated info, not my own, but here goes. Intake/Exhaust cam upgrades=lots of mid and high gain, but at a sacrifice of low end. stock exhaust with hotcam intake evidently gives a well balanced all around increase.

If the Hot cam power characteristics are anything like the YZ cam mod, the low end changes... it makes the bike stronger but mor linear on the bottom... tractor like power.

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