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Gearing help please! Trials Tire

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I have a 2004 CR250R that i have worked over for trails riding. I have a 12oz flywheel weight, rekluse clutch and have just ordered an 18" rear wheel to run a trials tire (tried it on a mates bike and am absolutely SOLD!)

my question is this: I currently find i spend way too much time in first gear and have a fair sized gap to second which i cant pull on many of the hills, they are simply too steep for it and I feel like the clutch is slipping too much.

Apparently teh trials tire has a wider diamater overall which can affect you gearing. Without being able to describe teh proper terms of taller or short what changes can anyone recommend to compensate? I currently run teh std 13/50? I am leaning towards a 51T in teh rear but dont know if this will really be enough to compensate? dont want to change my chain and i dont think i will fit anything bigger?

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