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Scottish Supermoto Championship - "Saltire Suzuki DRZ Cup"

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Scottish Supermoto at ESKC Crail Raceway

"Saltire Suzuki DRZ Cup"

A new trophy class addition to the Scottish Supermoto Championship!

Starts 2009 Season

This will be run in the same overall championship races in the same way as our existing 450 and Open classes - race grouping based on qualifying times. DRZ riders will remain eligible and entered in the overall championship and the 450 championship, but with the added incentive of direct competition with other DRZ riders. It's no secret that DRZs are low on power compared to some pure bred race SMs, so this gives DRZ riders a trophy well within their reach!


So to those DRZ riders who haven't thought of racing (yes YOU), or thought about it but done nothing, this is your chance to give it a go! There are a few DRZ riders already riding trackdays and racing at the club and we hope to have a lot more soon. The Scottish Supermoto club is a very friendly grass roots type club where everyone is easy going and ready to help each other if needed. There are no egos, no idiots, just like minded folk who love to ride their bikes on track during track days and race days. Every single rider was a beginner once and remember it, so someone will be on hand to guide and advise when you get started. For more details visit our club website at www.ScottishSupermoto.com where you'll also find the club forum. Any other questions, you can PM me here or on the club forum... I ride and race a DRZ 👍


The highest placed DRZ rider of the day will be awarded a "Saltire Suzuki DRZ Cup" trophy for their achievement (subject to a minimum of 3 DRZ race entrants). Whether you come 1st, 10th or 30th in the overall field... if you are the fastest DRZ of the day, then YOU win a trophy!


Only one specific rule to be eligible and that is that you ride a stock capacity DRZ of 398cc with no big bore allowed - any and all other mods permitted. Bikes must be race prepared per standard club rules (see www.ScottishSupermoto.com for requirements).


Being SM fans, Saltire Suzuki (www.SaltireSuzuki.com) have generously decided to offer brand new DRZ-SMs at an amazing knock down OTR price of under £4,000gbp (exact price TBC) to riders who intend racing in the Scottish Supermoto Championship at ESKC Crail Raceway - with automatic entry into the "Saltire Suzuki DRZ Cup". To be eligable for this deal, you must intend to race your DRZ-SM, have joined the ESKC Supermoto Club and be pre-entered into your first race. Contact Saltire Suzuki for more details of their offer - ask for Calum.

(TT Mods - I have no connection with Saltire Suzuki other than having arranged this club riders deal with them - so hopefull this won't be seen as a commercial post?)


What are you waiting for... come along, join in, have fun!

If you have a DRZ-SM and live within travelling distance of Crail Raceway... what's stopping you? If you don't have a DRZ, then you can buy a new one cheap in the "racer deal". If you have "another" supermoto you can race too... but not for the DRZ Cup :busted:

You can start off gently with a track day first - each race weekend has an open track day on the Saturday.

Hope to see you soon :blah:


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Next Scottish SM track day and Scottish Championship Round 5 coming soon...


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