help!! more carb problems

Well as i was waiting for float needle ass. I thought ill clean it out.. well i gave it a clean...then aired it out big time to get all the dirt/carb cleaner out...So i got the parts today put it all back together going too set the bk screw...and nothing comes out of the squirter hole...took the jets out gave it another air down... and nothing...what gives?

Is there gas in the carb?

lol yes

Check the passages from the bowl to the cover and out to the discharge nozzle. Check the two check valves in the pump cover.

ive aired everything i can see out.. at what jet or point does it control where that squirts out or is it a number or places it goes through

which passage does the fuel take too get too the discharge unit

fixed, thanks gray once again

OK, new problem Now its still bogging off idle...from like 1/8 to cracked it runs great... i ran around 1.5 turns out on the air screw.. i even backed the bk screw off almost conpletly.. when i backed the bk screw it reacted alot better... sure it had a bog there still but this is like a stumble...where it seems very choppy... could it be crappy zipty air screw? been told they are crap

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