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When looking for a bike

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I live in socal and looking to buy a bike. Iv been looking at the honda cr250 and some of the other 250's the problem is im a bit new to all this and not sure what im looking for. I love the technical aspect of ridding and cornering, im not just about going fast. The bike will be mostly used for canyon ridding and commuting between home and class. I do want to be able to take it out to the desert and switch the tires to do some ridding out there.

Im most likely going to buy a used bike due to the fact im a poor college student so what do I need to look out for. What aspects of a bike are important for deciding what bike is good for me. Im not asking what bike I should buy but more what factors of the bike should I look at. (kind of a stupid question i know but i dont want to overlook anything)

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