fork caps

I'm changing my wr400 back to the stock stiff springs (the last owner has soft springs) and I can't get the fork caps off, I even tried my impact wrench and the wouldn't budge. I know they shouldn't be this tight. Any suggestions?



I had the same problem... I thought they were WAY to tight....until I loosened the top fork pinch bolts! Then they came off really easy. I hope this helps.


Yep, that was the first thing I did. Today I got some steel pipe (5ft long) to give me some leverage and the left side came loose but the right side stripped out. I'm going to buy new caps and when they come I'll use a monkey wrench to get the right side loose. For now I have the left side tightened back up so I can go riding later today.


I just went to order them today and found that they are $169 at my local dealer and $130 online (each). That seems extremely high, I was thinking no more than $50 a piece. Does anybody know of aftermarket caps that I can get for less.



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