Radiator guards/supports - AGAIN

I did a search and there has been a lot of discussion on this. But, out here in Arizona it would seem the louvers would be a good thing for air flow. With that in mind what is the best combo to keep the louvers, get radiator guards and get radiator supports? And will it flow enough to keep the tool cool out here in Africa hot? Thanks, I really appreciate all the support I get from you guys, Mark

I have Works Connection braces, they let you use the stock louvers. They have worked well for me on a few dozen soil samples. But If I could do it over I would get Flat Land mfg braces, same design as the W.C but heavier gauge.


When I bought my YZ 400 from a desert racer here in Phoenix it had Works Connection braces. I'm sure they were better than nothing, but the radiators are pretty tweeked out of shape. They did survive several Whiplash race 5th gear get offs (15/45 tapped in 5th). Ya know, tapped in fifth, floating across the silt, and BAM...a rock. I don't know how the guy I bought it from survived some of those crashes. Anyway, I put Devols on and have crashed pretty hard with them. No problems at all so far. I have not had too many overheat issues, just during the Whiplash Lake Pleasant race on those loose uphills (i'd get stuck and overheat). I'd reccomend the full coverage Devols over the brace type.

Can you use the louvers with the Devols and how are they different than the Flat Lands? Also have you seen Ty Davis' braces? I have a set of those but have nothing to compare them to. THX

I just put on a set of Devol guards.....and you are not able to use the louvers with them....I changed my coolant to Engine Ice in case of any overheating issues....3 hours of riding yesterday in 90 degree weather w/no problems.....I hear Flatland racing guards may actually be a little stronger (bought have not seen any in person)....

The ONLY difference between the Devol and The Flatlands for the 98-01 WR/YZ models are that the rear brace for the Devol is a Separate piece rather that the Flatland which has a incorporated rear brace. Both braces are the same thickness and width and bolt to the same mount. I have both system's, one for my WR and one for my YZ.

Either will do the job equally. The air vent pattern is basically the same in both guards.

Additionally: the replacement of the Stock anti-freeze with an aftermarket such as Engine Ice (Which I also use) or Watter Wetter or the like is highly recommended. I find that as long as I have some kind of airflow, even minimal then overheating is not a problem as it was with the standard anti-freeze that came in the bikes.

Bonzai :)

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