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Boyesen QS2 on `08 -- works great

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I got a chance to put a QS2 on my 08. My first impressions were that the bike starts so much easier! I am not joking. With RHC's decomp mod my bike was hard to start at times still. I am running tighter valve specs. .004 and .005 intakes and .008 exhaust.

When I put on the QS2, the bike started so much easier (normal easy). I cannot believe it. So the two faults on stock bikes are the decomp arm and accl pump. -- I have a properly assembled motor (dry method) still mostly fresh, under 20 hrs on rings. And proper jetting.

I am also sure it helps with the bike on the track. I couldn't tell too much, the bike was just working great on the track. I would need to do a moto with stock cover then one with the QS2 to get an accurate comparo. But I think it did help out with crispness and throttle response. Sometimes w/ stock cover you can get a split second of hesitation when wacking open the throttle when you are going through a spot where you have a lot of G's.

In my case I had a deal to get mine, so it really didn't cost me too much of anything. -- I don't know if I would spend the full retail price on one though. But all I can say is it works, most noticeable part is the starting of the bike.

Just thought I'd through this out there.

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