WB E-series S bend ??

I ordered one and it must be a secret how many discs come with it. Does it come with 12 discs? I don't want to wait until it comes in to order more if I need them. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mine came with 12...you probably dont need anymore. 12 is super loud and I think around 8 or 10 makes more usable power. Just my $.02 worth.


The annual ThumperTalk ride is this Friday and Saturday at Rausch Creek................Gonna come?


Thanks Omni I guess I won't need more.


I'll be in NY at a wedding this weekend. This is 2 years in a row I can't go. The month of June I have booked and one week in July. Maybe a weekend (Sat or Sun)ride? I have weekends off until the end of September.

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