Rough Idle, Pilot Screw QUestion

I added the GYTR insert to my 02 WR 426. The previous owner left it open and it was too loud. I added the insert and it works well but idles real high especially once warmed up.

Is this because the pilot is too rich or too lean?

I'm thinking too rich.


A high hanging idle is usulally due to being too lean. The stock tip on the muffler has next to no effect on jetting at idle.

I assume you tried to simply turn the idle speed down and then reset the fuel screw according tioe accepted procedure, right?

I am a novice when it comes to Carb adjustments but by fuel screw are talking the pilot screw?

I actually just found the pilot screw adjustment procedure in my service manual and when I went to reset it back to 1.5 turns out I found that the screw is MISSING.

I'm not sure how long it has been gone, I bought the bike a couple months ago with only a few rides on it this year. Also not sure how this will affect the bike's performance. I appreciate any feedback.

Well, there's yer problem!

Since teh bike was bought used, If I were you, I'd pull the carb and inspect it carefully, ensure everything os ok. Then I'd source an extended fuel screw along with the spring, washer and tiny oring. While the carb is out, I'd note all the jetting specs.

The missing screw will caise the pilot (idle) circuit to not function. To get the bike to idle in this condition, you'd have to turn the idle speed up enough to get the bike on the needle circuit in the carb to pick up the slack,

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