Road bike or not?

I am looking at getting a road bike for the first time. Sure, I have my dual sported WR 426 and i love it, but the other day on the way back from a hot day at the Piru MX track I saw a Ducati Monster 900s...Hmmm

Anyone know or have one of these bikes??

I have many road bikes over the years including 3 Ducatis. The Monster 900 was by far my favorite.You can wheelie that bike until the oil ligh comes on.

Light weight,decent power, stunning looks.

Get the checkbook, NOW.

I would get the monster 900. I have had a Ducati 916, 748, a honda hawk GT, 2 F3's and a R6. The Ducatis were by far the best bike I have owned. Alittle more maintence and cost more, but they have soul and personality

I demmo'ed a Monster 900. It's like a dirt bike for the road. Big fun. My only problem was it seemed too cramped for me and I'm 5'11 and 190lbs. I needed a little more room.

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