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Wolf Snout

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Since choking on small rocks twice at the track. I was looking for something to prevent this. As I seem to ride with my mouth open all the time. Most of the tracks around here in So. Cal. get pretty dusty in the summer. Nothing worse than going into someone's roost in a sandy corner and having to hold your breath as well.

Got me a Wolfs Snout. Found out about here on TT. Tried it out today at Cahuilla Creek Mx Park. Some prep, but very dry and dusty in most areas.

Well, I like it! It goes on in seconds. It fits against your face and the front of your helmet. It covers your nostrils as well as your mouth. It takes a few laps to get used to not holding your breath when you enter mega dusty/sandy parts of the track or being behind someone. As I wear glasses, it didn't affect them at all with any fogging problems. You don't feel any hot breath or bad breath coming back to you. It actually allowed me to ride with my mouth open all the time and breathing normal. You can't compare it with wearing a dust mask. This thing allows easy breathing with no restrictions. It has an attached string with clip, so that if it did come loose, it doesn't go anywhere. To sum it up, this thing is great and I plan on buying one more to have as a spare.👍

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