07 WR 450 Overheating? Normal?

Hello. A guy from work and I just bought 2 leftover 2007 WR 450's this past Tuesday. He just called and said his overheated after about 30 minutes of riding tonight. His header pipe was glowing red (normal according to the archives) and steam was coming out from somewhere under the bike. Do you think his engine is damaged? What would be the recommendation for preventing this in the future? None of the free mods have been done because he was hoping to keep it stock until he was used to it.

The bike comes lean from the dealer. Try re-jetting and do the all the free mods. My bike ran hot until I switched out the jetting and like a 125 until I switched out the throttle stop. What kind of terrian are you riding on? Single track these bike will definitely get hot.

He was riding mostly in 2'nd and 3rd gear getting used to the bike. This is probably the issue. Do you think this causes long term damage to the engine? I have not had this issue with mine and love it!

It sucks that dealers don't verse customers on how much these bikes need to be moving fast to get air through the radiator. I know how I would feel. He was just moving too slow and probably let it idle too much. Its not good on any engine to get them over hot but with that said, if it runs good, ride it like he stole it.

Here's what I'd do. First I would closely compare how it runs with your bike since you both have the same bike. How it runs would seem to tell you the most. If there is any damage the head gasket is probably the first to go. I'm not sure but on cars its that way. Check for "off-colored" oil. I'd change the oil and catch it so you can inspect it. I'd check compression also which could indicate if the head gasket is damaged or if there are any valve or head problems to check further into. These are cheap things to check but hopefully someone who knows more will chime in. I'm kinda curious myself to see what others experiences have been.

My bike has gotten hot enough that I hear what sounds like the gas boiling. It gets really hot here in the late summer and combine that with slow speeds and the bike heats up pretty fast. I'm sure his bike is OK as Yamaha builds a quailty product that tends to be bullet proof. Good luck and enjoy that bike...it's fast as hell after the mods and a pipe!

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