X-Mas Toys

Alright, what kinds of goodies did we get for x-mas for our toy pigs? I got my new Eibach Springs(front set and rear). Precision Concepts here I come!!! Also got gift certificates to Chaparral. Any ideas on what I should get??? Im thinking of getting Pro Tapers plus Mounts for stock triple clamp and some Rally Pro Hand Guards. Hope evryone's x-mas was as good as mine!!!

Now that you have some real suspenders on the BRP, you're going to want to go faster. :) You next priority should be a steering damper: Scotts, GPR, or the new RTT-Motorsports unit. Springs and a damper are a big step up into turning the BRP into the high speed desert sled it was designed for.

All I got was some PJs and a big lump of coal. :D

Can't complain, I did score a sweet Ford PS a week earlier. :D

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