do you remember?

Oh how I remember. Jimmy Ellis on those crazy

Can ams,man I wanted one.Seemed everone had one here in Canada. I had to settle for a

Motoskeeter with a pull start sach motor.

Anyone remember those?

Actually got the nickname Bamster by the noise I made landing my YZ 465 on G-outs. That bike was

brutal.Other things to remember-

The first liquid cooled bikes.

Fox air shocks

simons forks

boost bottles

Hannah lightning bolt stickers

Scott plastic boots

gloves with the rubber stripe

Those were the days

I really love you guys I was in a funk today would have been my dads 93rd birthday. he died 2 weeks short of 60. You've taken me back to when life was GOOD! I remember when sex was fun and drugs were for crazies. I wish I could go back but with one exception. cable tv. haha!!! Listening to that devil music that that damn rock and roll, haha!! Wonder what my dad would say about Rap, no I don't want to hear ny dad talk like that.Standing outside a liquior store askin guys to buy you a couple of quarts of beer. man I really do miss those days. happy Birth day dad, yeah I still love ya. I ain't forgot ya either. I

wish you could have stayed longer. but such is life.oldasdirt

hotwheel track for forkguards :):D:D i forgot all about that.that really brings back memories.

Can any one remember early 70's kawasaki 238 greenstreak? I had one when I was 13. I remember jumping 6' in the air and thinking it was a big deal.I got into trials for a while,had a Yamaha TY250 then a bultaco Sherpa 350.I got married,had kids,took 15 years off.At 35 I bought an IT250,then an 83 CR250,then a 91 CR250.I rode mainly in the woods.Then I bought a 97 RM250 and raced MX for a couple of years until I broke my thumb.Now I have a WR250F and I'm going to ride woods only.I put a X11 trials tire on back and this thing will climb rocky slick ozark hills like a mountain goat.

i remember when freedom of speech was a right in the constitution of the united states of america. i remember when thumpertalk didnt sensor members for fighting against land closers.i remember when it wasnt about being politically correct it was about doing what was right.i guess thumpertalk is not a open forum anymore?if moderators are going to decide which topics can stay and which will be deleted.

I am sure you still have the right to free speech, and believe me, ThumperTalk is still an open forum that welcomes constructive and intelligent discussion on all the issues that affect dirtbike riders.

What Thumpertalk is NOT is a place to espouse your personal theories about anything that doesn't sit right in your world; nor is it a place to hurl personal insults at other members, or to troll for a flame war or the like.

We would all be right behind you if you were actively and directly getting down to the business of Land Rights and trying to prevent the closure of riding areas, but we are not going to be there if the only tactics you have are name calling and slander based on 'your' perception of events.

If you want to make any more "comments" about the moderation or the policies of TT, then by all means contact me off-line and I will be happy to correspond with you on "back channel".


BTW, we do not censor people, we have guidelines that we follow and you should be aware of those if you are a registered member. If you remember way back when, you will realise that we were all that much nicer to one another, more trusting and more willing to give the benefit of the doubt... and certainly name calling got you called outside and then a beer 10 minutes later to forget about it all...

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[ June 16, 2002: Message edited by: yamaha.dude ]

Well put, yamaha.dude.

Freestyle, if you can just aim all that energy in the direction of some enviro geeks, we'll be fine. Just dedicate that time to writing our Congressmen, Senators, and even the White House. The BRC, ARRA, and AMA could use your energy and commitment.


Hey, lets get back on topic :)

I started on a Yamaha AT2 that would make your kidneys hurt.

Steel mudguards!

Remember the Husqvarna 360 Automatic?

Suzuki PE175 with the giant spanner strapped to the triple clamps?

Nylon levers - never break but flexed so much the clutch would drag?

Having to fit a spring loaded chain tensioner to try to stop it jumping off the sprocket (cos you were using all 4" of travel)

I remember riding my DT250MX to work, then doing enduros at the weekend. The Maicos used to come alongside and all I could see was the long shiny fork leg - freaked me out cos I know it was a "real" enduro bike with brakes and suspension and half the weight of my bike.

I bought a book called "Championship Enduro" way back in the late 70's - loads of tips on preparation like wiring your spokes together where they cross over. Still got it in mint condition!

I remember my first moto cross race was on a Honda 305 scrambler. The course was an ocean of mud. every lap involved dismounting and pushing the bike through or over something. Not just me and my Honda but everyone in the race. there wasn't one real dirt bike there because there weren't any real dirt bikes. My Honda 305 was as good as it gets back then. My first jump was a year before that, I think 1966 riding double on a Honda 160. We hit a hump over a little creek on someone's very long private driveway. Air was discovered! We kept doing it over and over until the owner chased us off. CZs and HuskyS were something to dream about. Real people didn't rise to that level. First riding gear was leather pants with a yellow stripe down the sides, linemans boots with red top wool socks folded over the top of the boots and a Martini cotton shirt. The bikes and gear are sure better today but the magic of discovery and making things up as we went along is not there. Dirt bikes are still the best way to spend time and money that I have found.

When I started racing there was no motocross. It was rough scrambles. You rode home on what you raced. I know that puts me in the real oldtimer seat but that's where I belong. yeah life was a whole lot different then FM radio carried opera. We didn't worry about it too muchKDZA played rock!

My first racer was a borrowed Honda had two upsweeps down one side weighed a ton and scared me half to death man that was fun. Lot's have changed, I would never touch one of my dads guns, or smart off to my mom at least where she could hear it. I'm almost ready to go back home. oldasdirt

God bless ya Hunky for seeing to it the guys that went to Nam still got there mags. I know you did that one. Almost got my ass shot bringing one out on patrol and laughing my ass off. Everyone opened up. had to run 5 clicks to re sneak some shut-eye. i'll always trasure thos e poor tore up mags, george oldasdirt

Good thread, freestyle!!!

I remember cutting off the rear shock mounts on my '72 Ossa and Husky and moving the rear shock forword like the Macios {you had to add a chain tenioner because the spacing was over 7" between the spocket and pivot point of the swingarm]Making my own expansion chambers.Adding spacers to my forks for more travel.My 1st bike a suzuki bearcat 1966 for my H.S.gradutation.My 2nd a 1956 BSA goldstar and racing Barstow to Vegas in 1973-74. Carbs with two needles [Ossa's]. Football helmet face guards.Lineman boots.Swearing I'll never race another enduro at Clear Creek 20years in a row.}

Watching the europeans kick our butts at Carnegie

With Side cars.

I remember getting my 72 125 enduro stuck on the side of a hill. My best buddy pulled me out with his Kawasaki 350 Bighorn. Man that bike had some balls!!!

Nobody has mentioned Bell Star helmets!! I still have it!!


Yah, my first bike was a Hodaka Ace 90 that my grandpa bought for me. My best friends older brother was so cool with his shiny "Combat Wombat" 125. My grandpa was a Catapiliar mechanic and when we brought the 90 home he and I opened up the motor and inspected every single piece of that little motor explaining how everything worked and why he did what he did. When I was 30 he was still the guy I called when it was time to tow my ancient 59 ford 4x4 home when it broke down out in the desert. I miss the old fart.


First dirt bike '78 DT175MX white with black and red on the side of the tank, 15 years of age, it was supposedly the first road legal bike in the UK that had a mono shock rear end. Worked all summer to pay for it. Open faced lid and monkey mask. Got it on the road when I passed my test at 17. The cheap mods was to fit Boysen Reads file out the area so that you could bend open the read stops; File the exhaust port 3mm higher and fit a tail pipe I think it was an Allspead, this took you from16 bhp to a whopping 20 bhp! I thought it was so fast, then I compare that to my WR450.

Skippy mate you took me back, I don't remember the brand of the wax chain lube but it came in a black and yellow tin about 12inch diameter and yep it went straight on mums stove heated it up and dumped the chain in, having first cleaned it in paraffin (Kerosene). Hugh LePage I had forgot all about the Preston Petty front fender that looked way better than stock. I thought it was the dogs bollocks. Just had one last thought, the 20 somethings recently took a bit of a bashing here on TT recently, then I think back to the most stupid thing I ever did on a bike,17yrs old 70 odd mph close to flat out, 10pm dark and thick fog I'm talking lucky if you could see 25ft ahead in a 30mph street. Huge adrenaline buzz, on the way home from my girlfriends who is now my wife, she so easily could have had to marry some one else. 41 now and I never have told my Dad about that one. :ride:


Or JT Racing. How about the porcupine heads. How about the Scott race face and the duckbilled visors.

ahhh - and Rossi Boots ?

a brand new Ossa 'Explorer' available in brown/tan for $890 Australian as opposed to a MAR (Mick Andrews Replica) or a Pioneer - or a Phantom if you liked to race ... decisions decisions !!

or a Bultaco that had a gear lever that doubled as a kick starter (my very old 325 Matador)

A Suzuki TM 400 that would scare the pants off anyone - 'cept maybe Roger DeCoster

Trials universal tyres on EVERYTHING

Two strokes that usually ran 25:1

RM 125S - the first 6 speed motorcrosser from Suzuki ?

Honda's Elsinore that was the envy of most everyone - then the 'road' going version which was dubbed the MT Elsinore (a de-tuned wide ratio attempt - not real successful)

The SL350 Honda twin cylinder off road 'dual sport' ??

Yup, 47 here and STILL riding - must admit that i love my WR450 though !!

I'm enjoying this trip down memory lane. First off road (dual sport) bike I owned was a '76 Harley Davidson SX250. Of course those were the AMF days, I think (if memory serves) those things were made in Italy by somebody (Aermecchi?) for HD/AMF. Moved up a few years later to a Screwsuki RM250.

I think I still actually have my old Scott's race face around here somewhere. And I know I still have my "We Don't Care How The Hell They Do It In California - Cycle News East" oversized bumper sticker on my toolbox.


Ah, and I do remember my friends dads Huquavarna 250, and him sliding backwards on it down a dirt at about 40mph. Maybe I was just young but that thing seemed frighteningly fast the one time I road it up gravel hill.

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