California Registration Problems for a Canadien WR

I am a California resident and recently bought a 2001 Canadien WR426. I haven't actually gone down to the DMV yet, but when I called to get info on registering the bike, I was referred to the California Air Resource Board, (CARB). The DMV said over the phone that they cannot register the bike in Cal. for ANY color sticker without approval from the CARB. CARB will not under any circumstances allow my bike to be registered. I have been working with the folks at Yamaha and the CARB and their doesn't seem to be any solution. Anyone know any tricks?


Get a MAILBOXES ETC. in Washington and register the bike their first and then reg in Calif after you get Washington title, Cal. will not reg new canada bikes, Ca. bike dealers are petitioning DMV or something like that.I have a few friends with canada bikes and the ones first reg in WA then to Ca have no problem the others i know still cant reg and DMV sent their money back to them with letter.

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