anyone using aftermarket wheel hubs?

just curious if anyone is using aftermarket hubs and what kind

I'm using a set of RAD Eagle Hubs..they're laced with RAD Spokes, RAd Nipples, and black Excel wheels...very light weight set up that looks factory:thumbsup:

where did u get them from? got any pics?

I got them at a local dealer up here called Rosevile Yamaha...complete set, already assembled for $ also has some already complete sets for sale sometimes with Excel wheels and Talon hubs for $850 per set. That seems to be an anual sale though:thumbsup: blackexcelbluehub31.jpg



those are bad ass, need to get me a set

those are bad ass, need to get me a set

Yeah, I have been very pleased by RAD manufacturing...I recently broke 2 spokes and was able to order them individually through RAD for $1.25 per spoke, and they sent them through the mail so there wasn't any shippping charge. They arrived in 2 days:thumbsup:

nice ill check into it

Talon Hubs, Bulldog spokes and Excel rims



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