xr650r suspension upgrade

I Am New To The World Of The Xr650r And Already I Would Like To Upgrade The Suspension. I Only Ride It On The Street So I Think I Would Like It Lower And Tighter. A Friend Of Mine Has One With Ohlins Suspension And It Is A Dream To Ride, But I Dont Have $3000 To Spend On That. Is There Anything I Can Do With The Stock Suspension To Make It Better For The Street? Can Anyone Help?

You can have your stock suspension re built for your weight and use, look for suspension specialists such as Racetech

This guy, infinitymachineanddesign.com can rebuild it, shorten the travel, put in new stiffer springs and revalve it if you want. I'm sure he has some ideas, he always does for me and my bikes. Shoot him an email with what you're thinking and he can give you a bid.

I fitted new Eibach springs front & rear and the diffgerence was amazing. Much more planted on the street and work well off road too as I found the standard suspension was a wee bit on the soft side when pushing hard.

It's cheaper fix and probably all you need for the real world.

properly sized spring and fresh fork oil...maybe lowering links and raise the forks if u want it really low...

and better valving DIY...no need to pay others big bucks...unless u just want to :D

a bunch of gud info here... http://www.borynack.com/XR650R/index.htm BWB63's site :thumbsup:

and here... http://www.xr650r.us/

and here... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=610767&highlight=desert

i had my buddy's R forks apart and it's not rocket science with the info that's available around here... :worthy::busted:


thanks to all for the wealth of info. after reviewing it all, it seems that rebuilding the stock suspension can give me a better ride on the street. if i understand correctly, all i should need is new springs and new valving. my question now is, where should i get the parts and can i do it my self and what else should i consider? thanks

thanks to all for the wealth of info. after reviewing it all, it seems that rebuilding the stock suspension can give me a better ride on the street. if i understand correctly, all i should need is new springs and new valving. my question now is, where should i get the parts and can i do it my self and what else should i consider? thanks

i'm not going to re-read all of the links i provided but...

they explain the proceedures, part numbers, sources and tools for a DIY...:thumbsup:

shop manuals and other stuff in the FAQ's sticky...

dealer or online Honda parts suppliers for the valves/shims...

this place has gud prices on Eibach springs and parts but u may find them cheaper elsewhere>>> http://www.cheapcycleparts.com/

study all of the info carefully and then if u still have questions...fire away


ur the man...thanks!!!

We're talking about riding on the street?:thumbsup:


Is this just going to be a transportation bike or a SUMO bike? Are you going to push twisties hard?

The problem of tuning this bike for street use with stock wheel setup is when coming out of the apex of a turn and flickability of the bike. There needs to be quite a bit of rebound to stop the suspension from openning up to early in these situations. If you go full SUMO then I would go with a little more aggessive suspension by moving up to 5wt fluid with the same shim stack at as the Desert race. Drilling out the fork compression valves is a must.

I handed my forks & rear shock off to NOST in AZ & the cost was very reasonable. I have not touched an adjustment screw since I put them on other than setting the rear sag. It feels so good I have no desire to change anything. I spent roughly $250 more than I was going to spend on springs anyway & no trial & error.

Just got back from buying shims at Racetech. It cost me just over $135 for 80 shims. The big rush to get suspensions done for Baja 1000 and riding season is on. One guy even from Puerto Rico sent a set this way (about $100 for shipping one way) but, it is not hard to do the suspension youself.

If you figure that you are useing top fluid that would be $45, shims would be about $20 depending on the setup, should replace the bladder $20, Nitrogen from your local dealer and it would be way under $100.(I rounded everything way up) Springs are about $200 so, you could do this yourself for under $350 if there is nothing wrong with what you have. Even with the hassle of making the big "T" spanner wrench it is way cheaper.

Still people are paying $850 for PC to do it and $1500 for the top shelf setup. I don't have the time to do it all year so, I do three groups of suspension a year for friends and a few others and I constantly try to get them to do it theirself instead of paying $350 for me to do it and then you have to add shipping both ways. Of course the guys I ride with get their setup dialed in for exactly how they ride which helps alot. All the info is on the net to do it right the first time and save a bundle of money. There is this forum and I have answered hundereds of phone calls to help walk TTer's through it.

At Racetech their monthly sales amount for August of last year and this year was on the board with Brad being the top parts sales guy. Last August they sold $204,458.00 and this year August was $254.657.00 and the month isn't over. That is a lot of money just for parts, couldn't guess what they turn over for the shop work and the parts the shop sells! :thumbsup: Just think of all the shops that are buying these parts and their shop costs.

I am starting a desert race bike prodject and want to know from the guys that have done their own suspensions what problems you ran into doing it yourself and what did it cost you to do it yourself?

Anyone running Borynack's suspension package? What is the beniffit for you? What did it cost? What was the total cost for you that have had your suspension done some place else? I know everyone loves their suspension better then stock and only a few have had their bikes done at more then one place and what ever you pay must make it all that much better. Have some of you compared different suspensions on different XR650R's? I guess it wouldn't be a good comparison being that riders set the bike up different, weigh and ride different. Sure would be nice to know if what the difference is from shop to shop.:thumbsup:

I start with Race Tech gold valves, their recommended valving, and then I just test and go off on my own. With USD forks I am kind of screwed to have a "regular" shop set them up anyway.

I've got a bottle of Nitrogen in the garage with the regulator to fill shocks, so it's no big deal for me to redo a shock. I am running a stack pretty close to BWB63's "Baja 500" stack for the CR shock conversion.

I can pull the valving on the forks out at the track if I feel like it and make changes right there. I can change the fork valving in my USDs in about 15minutes.

If you are going to do it yourself, it actually is pretty easy with the stock 650 suspension components. Just kind of messy the first few times you do it.

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