ethanol in our gas

Friend of mine parked his Honda bike and left his fuel on after riding up in CO. It prolly sat for bout two weeks before we got the chance to rejet it. The float in the carb was bleached white where it had been sitting in the fuel...The only reason i know that thats what did it that i put the jets in the bike 2wks earlier! SO im cringing I dont want that stuff in my carb my dad mentions to me that the manual says not to run ethanol in our WR's. Thats alot of $$$ not to be able to run our pump gas and have to go out n' buy special stuff. I dont know about other places but all of our pumps in Texas have a sticker that says "up to 10% ethanol" What do you guys think? Should I be worried or just make sure that my fuel bowl is empty when I park my hog.

Every gas station in America has that same sticker on the pumps, its a legal thing. Ethanol is used to help boost octane help with smog crap (i think it oxygenates the fuel or something like that). When they say not to run ethanol in your bike it means E85 and other pure ethanol fuels.. Don't worry about it.

ethanol is causing more cats to go bad on cars than i have ever seen

Ethanol is bad for dogs on cars too.

my ferrets get the craps

they just started using that crap around here

i just changed gas stations

it dont matter in fuel injected bikes

it eats the rubber in the fuel system

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