Trailtech computer

I was given a Trailtech Endurance Computer for christmas but it is for the KTM model. Will it work for my WR426 or do I need to return it for the correct one? I know the computer itself is the same but are the adapters different?


I'm not 100% sure of the difference but there is a difference.I think it's in the magnet and the way it attaches to the front rotor. If you go to the website they show you the different styles of how to install. Hope this helps. :)

Hi Dan,

I don't have the answer for you but I have the next best thing! The Email address to Kelly at Trailtech. :

Kelly is really helpful and will answer your question quickly. Tell her Thumpertalk sent you !


Definately call trail tech. Those folks are great. I wouldn't be suprised it they swaped you even up for the correct pickup mount.

TrailTech is the BEST! Do contact Kelly at TrailTech. The best in customer service! They've really worked with me many times. Dez


The magnet and cable are different between the 100-20 (KTM) and 200-20 Yam kit, and will not work on the Yamaha.

As stated here, the Trail Tech people are great to work with, and swapping the needed parts shouldn't be a problem.

Enjoy your computer!

BR (TrailTech dealer)

PS - if your computer came from us, let me know, and I will help you get the right parts.


I think the proper thing to do here is buy a KTM so the computer will fit..... :)


It is all about the mounting hardware for your ride. Measure the diameter of your front tire, and program that into the computer; the rest is history. I have one on my XR 400, and it works great!

What am I doing on this site? Well other than comenting on the Trail Tech Computer, there is a Ride scheduled for the 18th of April for the L.A. Area of So. Cal., in Hungry Valley. Check the XR 250/400 site for future updtaes. All TT'ers are invited.


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