SuperMoto Video >

Hey, if thats the one you put on the drz side, that was great!!! especially the music. :):D

Ya IT is and thanks ...By the way we are going to have a full 60 min vid with a storie line with somthing special added!! :)

Cool, bring it on!!!


Awesome video! made me want to ride so bad i took my zx out, in the rain! :).. thanks for posting.. look forward to the next one!


I beleive thats "Boss hogg" goin off at them there doooke boys at the end??

Cool, finally got it downloaded, I only have a slow dial-up connection, got to about 83%, then my neighbourhood had a short blackout..... had to start from scratch. Second time around it took around 2 hours to download, but it was worth it. My old KLX650R was set up as a 'motard, most fun you can have with your pants on.....

Boss HOGG & Rosco P .Cotrain I think ? KU! KU! :)

And you, watin 2hrs to load it :D and thanks!

The 60 min one comin this at the end of this summer will be on CD :D We will keep prices down ... What would be a fair price ?

Doooke, that used to be my favorite tv series, could that car survive some big jumps or what?? took me a while to download, not sure how long, i went to a mates place while i was waiting, i don't know what a cd like that would be worth but just be fair and y'll be laughin. :)


How do you upload video? I'v got one of me wrecking at Red Bud and breaking my collar bone.

I can host up to 10 mb how big is yours :):D

Mine is 642 MB, too big for you. :)

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