Rebound damping screw adjustment

Quick question for you guys.

Last week I replaced my oil seals and some other parts in the forks on my yz400. When I put everything back together and adjusted all the setting back to the recommended settings in the service manual before adjusting them to my liking.

When I adjust the rebound damping screw on top of the forks, it says to turn the screws in all the way and back them out to 9 clicks (average settings). My left screw goes down a pretty good amount, but the right one does not go in nearly as much. I went to the track and I can feel there is something not even between the two forks (or that just placebo?).

My question is... did I miss something when I put the forks back together? or the screws don't have to be equal, one can be more out then the other (but same number of clicks).

Thanks a lot!


When you reassemble the fork caps onto the rods, you are first supposed to back the rebound adjuster all the way out. The cap is then screwed down until it bottoms against the rod. If you fail to do this, the cap may stop against the rebound valve push rod instead. Then, the two adjusters will be a different distance from the valve.

But you can't feel that when you ride. Dave Johnson of Smart Performance sets up the best single chamber KYB fork on the market (his Phase 4 fork), and he does them where one fork does only compression damping, and teh other does only rebound.

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