Unfortunitily we have uncovered yet another Vendor with questionable practices that you should be made aware of. The Company is called "Motorcycle Tire Planet" We ordered tires from them almost two weeks ago. When we ordered the tires we specifically asked if the brand and model was in stock and were told that it was. A week later (The Owner Promised two days) we called back to check on the status of our order, We were told that there was a screw up in the warehouse and our tires had not gone out. Two additional days later we were told that the tires were missing from the warehouse. An additional few days later we were just about fed up and demanded to know what the problem was. We were given the run around and were told that the tires were not available anywhere on the east coast....Ah Ha...but we countered with two dependable distributors out of Jacksonville Florida that had the tires in stock.....The Owner of the company advised us that he would get with them and overnight our tires too us....Guess what...NO TIRES... One of his employees told me that he not even place the order, and spent most of the day today dodging my phone calls....

So too make a long story shorter...We came to the point where we were getting nowhere with this particular vendor and have had to demand a refund, (As they charged our card even before shipping the product.)

Lesson Learned, Buyer Beware.

Bonzai :)

[ June 11, 2002: Message edited by: YAMAKAZE ]

how man times have i told you. Rocky mountian ATV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

usually three to four days.

HEY...If I ever get my money back I'll give them a call.....

Bonzai :)


I've ordered from these guys once and will again, soon. You make the purchase all on-line and print your confirmation and tires arrive via UPS, in a couple of days. Prices are pretty good!

Bill :)

ROCKY MT is the way to go. I order from them all the time and the service is excellent. I did have a delay on an item and they emailed me immediately, they explainded the delay and gave me some options, to split the order or cancel that item. I also received a discount for ordering more than $100 worth of Dunlops, and got free shipping on them. I ordered 4 752 rears and 2 756 fronts. All in the $50 range.

Chaparall on the other hand has a crappy website and doesnt bother to let you know when its on back order. In fact I am still waiting for some frame guards for my KTM LC4 that I ordered in March, I some how doubt they are working hard on getting my order filled.

Bill, cancel the card transaction through the credit card company! You know better than to try some untested best prices b.s. like that.....p.s. looks like the scotts when on the right way, take care bud! :)

Buy tires from your local dealer/race shop. The small amount of extra money for tires will be rewarded with lots of free help.......

I will now buy my tires exclusively from MXTUNER. The problem with local dealers is they take a tire...Let's say like the ones I want (Michelin S12 180/80/18) which costs them $50. then they run the price up to $89.00 plus 8%tax....Then if you want them to mount it, thats another $20.00, now were up to about $115.00 for this tire. On the other hand you can generally find this tire on the net anywhere between $53.00 - $58.00 plus $12.00 shipping (Another Rip Off....I order parts from a specific vendor all the time and he charges $8.00 shipping....However the shipping label always say's $3.50 , but that's business) anyway if I mail order my tire and add shipping it still comes up to about $71.95, I can then go to the dealer and have them use their gee wiz 5 minute mounting machine for $20.00 and still save myself $23.00 . Plus if they pinch a tube while changing the tire they put in a new one at no charge....It's a in that department.

But anyway that's why I don't buy tires locally.

Bonzai :)

locally a 756 is 99 bucks. Out of rockymountian it is like 52 or so. & bucks for shipping anf you still saved 30 bucks. My pal at the dealership charges 12 bucks to put the tire on for you. But i buy the cheap cheng shin 755 2 at a time. So i go through tires fast. But they are lasting as long as my m-12 did. So i am saving money in the long run. And i wont complain about the traction.

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