Dirt in Motor

I have an 06 450 that the clamp which holds the carb to airbox came loose. I feel like an idiot for not checking more often. So please everybody check them out. The bike was running ok before I noticed. I haven't got the motor broke down yet but the carb is real dirty inside and I can see a small amount of debris near the valves. A new piston, rings, and possibly cylinder are a no brainer. What are your opinions on the top end, mainly the valves, guides, and seats. Do you think the head will have to be sent out for machining or just new parts. What am I looking for on the head itself that will tell me if it is hurt and needs repair. At the moment the valves are still within spec. The bike is over 2yrs old and an overhaul has been coming I wish it could have waited until winter. Thanks for any help

well i just had the same thing happen to me. but i only put one ride on it and there was hardly any dust. i had greesed all the rear end and put it back together, rode prolly 30 min and noticed it was running crapy. so i took it back thinking the carb was dirty and needed cleaning and when i went to take it apart i noticed the clamp was loose. so i cleaned it all and inspected it then i put it back together and its all good now. hope everything works out for you.

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