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440 big bore, 39mm FCR, hot cam Jetting?

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*440 big bore kit w/e-cylinder head gasket

*39mm FCR carb-

160 main jet

200 main air jet

EMN needle

clip 3

45 pilot jet

remove pilot air jet

2 turns fuel screw

o-ring mod

*FMF powerbomb header w/ Ti4 exhaust-open core

*3x3 mod w/K&N air filter

*NGK CR8EK spark plug

*Stage 1 hot cams

*Riding conditions:500' altitude and 50-90 deg

What are the recommendations on jetting for this application? The plug porcelin looked lean and white before the cams and 440 big bore were installed with this jetting. The bike ran great though with no problems. I have not put the BB kit in yet, just need to know if I need to order a smaller main before the kit comes in. Thanks

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spark plug color doesnt mean anything.the plug will always look that way.

that jetting should be really good.you might lean the main jet to 158 to see if it revs harder.

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