Fires...New riding areas???

With the fire looking like it will end riding at Rampart for a while, maybe we could start getting some info. together on other places to go???

Some specific directions, whatever other details you'd like to add. I can tell you Red Cone and Webster pass are closed right now, I went riding Georgia Pass this last weekend-it was a good time-nice and cool. Just outside of Jefferson, head toward Michigan Creek campground and keep going. My bike isn't street legal, so I'm sure I'm limited...

Some other close riding areas include:

Lefthand Canyon near Boulder - 4x4 roads, lots of jeepers in the area

Moody hill/Donner pass outside of Ft. Collins - 4x4 roads and some single track

Illinos Pass/Willow Creek near Granby - mostly single track

Green Mountain Res. area - 4x4 roads only

Vail area, north side of I70 - 4x4 roads

If you need more detailed directions drop me a PM

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