oil change purge bolt

howdy, just finished breaking in my new 08/450wr and gave her it's first oil change. followed manual to a tee. when i cracked the purge bolt on cylinder to check for oil flow was getting what I thought I should. Now there was oil comming out but not a real flow like I am use too seeing on most of the other stuff I work on. is this normal or is it a concern. PS used 10w40.


i have a 08 wr450 to, and when i opened that bolt it just kinda drooled out then i shut it.then rode forty miles on next ride with no problems.i'm sure you'r alright.:worthy::thumbsup:

he bikes use a low pressure, high volume oiling system. Ooze is fine. Also, unless you think there is a oiling problem, there is never any need to 'purge air' from it. You change the oil and filter, start the bike, let it idle for a minute or so, checking for leaks, any air will of purged on its' own.

Isn't this the oil pressure check bolt. When opened slightly oil should leak out gently to show you have good oil pressure.

Thanx for the replys, 200km yesterday and I rode like I stole it and all was fine.:thumbsup:

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