looking at a yz 426 please help

hey Im new to the site and i just applied for financing from a local shop on a 03 yz426 it is a california bike and it was converted to street legal, I was wondering your guys thoughts on them, pluses minuses and all that jazz, also is it a good deal for it in good condition 2800?

It isn't an '03 426. The 426 was made from 2000-'02, '03 was a 450.

The 10th character of the VIN code is a digit that will tell you the model year, 2 for '02, 3 for '03, etc.

Assuming it's a California street legal '02 in good condition and well maintained, $2800 sounds about right. YZ426's elsewhere are worth around $1600-$1900. They bring about $1-300 more in CA because of the Green Sticker that the 450's can't get. Being plated adds another premium, so the price is in line.

I love my 426, just don't dump it in a mud hole and then start it like I did, they don't like that so much. I think there a great bike and I have never had any problems with mine, besides the mud hole. My daughters boy friend had a 125 that he is now selling to buy a four stroke, I know the bikes arn't the same thing but after 5 mins of riding he was sold. Buy anyway good luck and have fun, oh ya and hang on!!

i had a cr 250 2 smoke and have ridden my friends 4 strokes and was happy staying on my cr untill my neighbor got a 426 and i rode it and fell in love needless to say i sold the 2smoke and now love my 426 thumper.... buy it and enjoy it.:excuseme:

the 426 is a excellent bike.. i absolutly love mine.. extremly fun to ride..

2000 426 here, killer bike.

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