09' YZ 250 here on this Wednesday!!

Well, seeing as I am told I cannot get a new RM 250 I have switched to the Yamaha.

I haven't had the YZ 250 but have had 250F's.

I have been riding RM 250's for the last 4 seasons and love them and expect the YZ to be just as good (minus some handling characteristics).

I ride strickly off-road, technical single track and love the 2 stroke.

I am keeping my 06' RM 250 and putting a Rekluse on it for my wife and sending my last 250F down the road. (Can't stand checking valves!!)

Let you all know how the 09' is in a couple of weeks. :thumbsup:

very nice, man! :thumbsup:

keep the yami boys in the loop! gracias...

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