alrite so i have a yzf 250 and i was riding hella hard and it was at night a my pipe was

glowing bright red then antifreeze started leaking whats going on with it

were u stopped when it started leaking? the headpipe will glow at an idle

Jd Jet Kit.

Did you ever get a answer, mine does the same thing?

My bike jizzed aniti freeze when i started it for about 15 mins without riding it before. Then i took it out to the track to see if would do the same thing and it didnt. I think long idle periods causes the problem because air isnt flowing through the rads

Yea it runs quite a bit more hot at just idle.

i have temp stickers on my rads. it gets around 160-171 when i race but if you have a down hill section and you pull in the clutch the raciators will cool down a lottt. around 60 deg difference. and yes headers glow

big #2.

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