ttr 90 carb issues

I put this in the ttr forum but there doesnt seem to be to much traffic in there today so thought I would try in here as long as it last.

I have a ttr 90 I believe its a 2001 or 02 that is sputtering when given gas. When I bought the bike the guy I got it from told me it was the choke slide that goes into the carb with the spring and slider. Well he gave me a new kit with the new parts and first thing I did was install that. Come to find out the threads inside the carb were stripped. Yesterday I changed the plug,new air filter, and cleaned the jets. Still sputtering when you give it a good solid twist. I pulled the air boot off the box and the thing ran like a 110,not a sputter. Knowing this isnt a very good way to run the bike I put it back on and then found that the air fuel mix screw,the long brass one on the inside of the carb,was spinning itself out. So tightened that all the way up and then started backing it out with the bike running. Could only get about 2 turns before it started backing out again..

Any ideas on what I may have to do next short of buying a new carb?

could u possibly put a spring on it to keep tension pushing out on the bolt to keep it from unscrewing? maby some blu locktite could help

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