any1 that can HELP..appreciate it

im in the process of putting back together a completely disassembled 50cc motor that i got for cheap, im no mechanic so excuse my dumbness, in the gasket kit , i have 3 gaskets that go between the head and engine case, 1=metal, 1=paper thin paper material and 1= thicker paper material, do they all go there or what, i thought just the metal one went there, if they all go is there a certain order?



the metal gasket should go between teh head and cylinder, the paper should go between the cylindr and case

I thought the metal gasket went between the cyclinder head and the case, and the paper one went between the head and the head cover??? :thumbsup:

I normally reassemble how I take it apart, so not 100% sure on this. :worthy:

where is the head cover? whats this engine from

2001 polini 50cc

the metal gasket should go between teh head and cylinder, the paper should go between the cylindr and case

:thumbsup: The metal one is for sealing the combustion area since a paper gasket would burn through. Paper type gaskets are only used to seal in oil or water.

the 2 gaskets pictured would only go between the cyliner and cases, is tehre another gasket?

head on the engine casePicture652.jpg

part that goes on to top of headPicture653.jpg

head on engine case with metal gasket(way i thought it might go before i seen the 2 paper gaskets)Picture654.jpg


they make different thickness gaskets, i believe your kit just came with a couple different thicknesws gaskets, so you would just instal the one u need

maybe they just sent the paper gaskets for if it was aircooled, maybe same gasket kit for h2o or air cooled ?? i dont know

i believe u are good to go, the different gaskets might be needed it the head was machined or cylinder was, also could be slight variations between models and they just make a one kit fits all.

differnet thickness of gaskets depending on the compression he wants to run, these machines are small displacement so gasket thickness will vary compression in a noticable way, if you want it as fast as can be use the thin gasket, if you want it a little slower use the thick gasket, the ktm mini and cobras are the same way. i love those old polini motors they rock:thumbsup:

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