08 Cam in an 06, parts needed?

Hey guys,

So I have an 06 cr250f, and could use a little more power, in particular from bottom to mid, I'm not quite getting the pull there. What parts will I need to make this conversion work? And where will I feel this mod in the power band?

Sorry if this one seems like a repeated question, but searched and searched and didn't find exact question.


To run the 08 OEM cam you would need to stick in the 07 OEM exhaust valve springs, and 08 OEM intake valve springs.

If you want more bottom/mid power I would really stick in a 13.5:1 piston when you put in the cam -- you will need to take the head off anyway to put in the springs. The piston will give you a nice boot of bottom to mid, and it will make the bike rev out nicer.

I like JE's 13.5:1 piston kits, have one in my bike right at the moment. -- and I have said it a lot - but get the cylinder honed and do the dry rebuild method. Your bike will run stronger and be cleaner inside because of perfect ring seal.

Here is the process:

Hone the cylinder (ball hone or brush hone) in soap/water. Clean out with break clean and paper towels until there is no black on the paper towels. I have a 3.5” ball hone in 180 grit.

Wash the piston/rings in soap/water, spray off with break clean and let air dry.

Install the rings on the piston. Use proper ring staggering - follow the manuals staggering method - Be really careful not to get any oil residue on the piston, rings, or cylinder. Keep your hands wahsed

Install one clip on the piston. - the right side one.

Install the piston on the rod, use a light coat of oil on the wrist pin only.

Install the other clip, be sure not to get any oil residue on piston/cylinder.

Install the piston in the cylinder. Compress the rings with your hands and very carefully install it. Be sure that the oil ring doesn't bend over.

With the motor together, and no crankcase oil rotate it 50 times. Then fill with oil and check all fluid levels

Do not start the bike until you intend to ride it. Start it up, let it warm up good, go ride it hard with engine breaking, this will ensure the ring seal.

wwwwoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! theres goes the dry rebuild again, GO 250f RIDER!!!

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