2006 Yz250F Lighting Coil?

Does the o6 YZ250F have a lighting coil so you can just bolt up a headlight? Thanks.

nope, sorry

it does if you bought a used one with a lighting stator added

Call Baja Designs 760.560.2252 and see what they can do for your bike, thats there tech line

Yes there is a lighting coil for this bike, I had one in my bike. There is not much output but plenty enough to get you home from a ride gone late. I will search up the one i had and post it up for you, and I got a lighting set up i can part with if you pm me. Just like new condition.

I'm back with proof and links. Moose makes a lighting coil to fit up to a 05 yz250f, but i have bough that one and it needed second to make it fit a 06 yz250f. This was about a year ago i did this and then resold but i think it was a tab that wasn't fitting right which has no effect on the output or generation of power. So this coil only puts out 40-50 watts, like i said it'll get ya home from a late day or riding. Its available through parts unlimited i am pretty sure. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=490883&highlight=lighting Thats the thread i had last year and dont forget i got a really nice light set up that ran super bright on this stator. Pm me for any more details.

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