Fresh Valves!

After a $562.72 bill, I have brand new Faction MX Stainless Steel Intake Valves and springs in my bike! First impression, I just putted around the yard but the bike started super easy, and seemed to have the same, if not more power. I'm going riding today and will have more things to throw at you afterwards.

i thought stainless valves were less then titanium valves??

stock honda ones are pretty cheap

wait a sec... The intake kit is around $175. Seat cutting is around $75 (for all 4 seats), valve seals are around $20 for all 4. A head gasket is around $15. So a total of $270. How did you get $562?

For that price I would hope you got all seats cut, full faction spring kit and valves, all seats cut, and maybe a couple of guides replaced...

yup 560 seems like alot, were did you have your work done

mine was 1250 with a new JE piston, 4 stainless valves, springs, seats cut, seals, rings and plug. everything is so expensive in canada!

75$ an hour for labor? 150 for 2 hours of labor ?

thats why you do the work yourself. :thumbsup:

thats why you do the work yourself. :worthy:

he*l ya!!! :thumbsup:

$65/hr labor charge and a few small odds and ends. But now on to the ride report...

The bike responded great, the torque felt more plentiful than before, and I had confidence that my bike would pull me through a berm without worrying about sputtering or not having enough power. It started consistently the whole day, first or second kick, and didn't give me any troubles. So far, two thumbs up! :thumbsup::worthy:

did you notice it reving up slower or not

did you notice it reving up slower or not

It may have been, but it was a very minuscule change if anything. Maybe it was just me, but it even sounded throatier, probably just me not riding it for a little while...

Ryan Villopoto might notice a little thats about it.

I paid $120 for my faction intake valve kit and $40 for a Tusk Valve spring compressor. $160 total.

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