08wr450 changes help

ok here we go.i just bought a wr in july and i want to get rid of the de celaration pop every time i let off the gas.it just sounds like the bike is tuned wrong to go "pow" every time i let off the gas.this wouldn't bother me if i only rode in dirt,but i plan to ride on the road,and the cool factor goes away when i hear that noise.all of the free mods are done,i'm putting in pipe insert that is bigger than stock one,and have jd kit comming from tt.i'm not out to race i just want smooth power with no "pow":foul: i live in roswell N.M alein town elevation 3750.just courios if i need to re jet and which to use for this elevation.because another member that lives in montana i'm not sure his ele. said just change the needle to a yz but dose that mean the 08 yz?hope someone can help me cause i do not want to spend any more money than needed to resolve this.:thumbsup::worthy:

Remove the AIS from the bike or plug it off. No more decel pop.

thanks for quick answer,resinlips cool name.i forgot to mention that i have that ais removal kit comming to.so do i still need to re jet because it's runninng lean or am i in for:bonk: :busted: if i start screwing around,by the way i have one year of comunity college on motorcycles and small moters.i just dont need:rant: after changing it.:thumbsup::worthy:

Look into the jetting database and you should get some useful info.

The AIS kit that I installed on my 07 came with a 168 main, and a 48 pilot jet.

This seems to be perfect for where I ride at 2-3000ft. Even on trips up around 5k the bike runs flawlessly. My adjustable needle is in the 4th slot which is equal to the stock needle. Air box mod, pmb insert, blah blah blah.

Hope you get it right the first time cause working on that carb is a MotherMother.

thankyou resinlips for your answers your awsome:applause: yeah that carb shure is stuffed in there good.i'm hopeing to do changes to it while still on bike.:thumbsup:

Have you considered a yz needle versus the JD kit?

From what I hear removing the AIS will eliminate the poping, but definitely do not throw it away. There are some rangers with a keen eye that know to look for it(in tight smog control areas like Kalifornia)... and there are a few WR owners looking to get them cause they threw theirs away....

I like the JD kit... Everything you need for all combos of elevation and temp. And its really simple.

so charles de mar,after i take off ais and change jets that come with ais kit,do you just change needle to 08 yz then put carb back together done deal. thanks for everyones help.

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