Recomend which boots I should get

I have Fox F3 right now and am in the market to replace them since they are getting worn out. I want a SAFE high end boot, but I want the to get the LIGHTEST boots that I can get my hands on. Any suggestions?

Thank you

Alpinestars Tech 8 is a GREAT boot and tested over and over...

But Ive heard that the Gearne SG-10's are selling for under $200.

Gearne's are good, I just perfer the Tech 8

The gaerne sg10's are great boots and are one of the best protective boots available, but are a little on the heavy side. I don't know where you could get them for under $200^^, but they are under $300.

Astars tech 8s and 10s are both great boots along with the sg10s, but i do believe that they sg10s are heavier than both of those alpinestars.

thanks for the input. I know the tech 10 are worn by a lot of pros, but they seem a bit heavy to me. The new SG12 are advertized to be lighter than the 10's, but they are definately on the spendy side. Anyone have experiance with Sidi cross fires? How about the AXO boots?

The crossfire is an excellent boot, they are light and you can easily replace the sole on the SRS model. The toe box is thin, I had to move my shifter down one tooth.

A star tech 8's , best all around boots Ive ever owned,are they light enough for you I dont know,But they are worth every penny and worth checking out. Good luck

I just purchased a new pair of SG10's .WOW what a great boot yes they are on the "heavy" side but 1 or 2 rides and I am used to them. Little or no break in time needed either ,they felt great right out of the box !


I just bought a set of Alpinestars Tech 3's and I'm very happy with them. Lightweight, and easy to break in. I have less than 5 rides on mine and they feel great. Price is not bad either. I suggest trying them on before buying though because their sizes run a little big...(I had to buy a size smaller than my regular shoe size).

I love my Garne SG-10's, I thought they were more comfortable and lighter then the Alpinestars I tried on. The Sidi's are good too, but they seem to be made for a narrow foot so I didnt like them. Go down to your favorite store and try them all on

Tech 3's are good for a season if your lucky

I also have some older Fox F3s, and they are just about done. My biggest problem seems to be that I am perfectly between sizes. Either too small or too big.

The A-star T8s did fit well, but the created nasty pressure points on my ankle bones.

So I will probably get the F3s again...because they dont hurt on my ankle....even though they fit a bit tight. =(

go with the sg10's. As stated by someone else in this thread there is little to no break-in time. I personally didn't think they are heavy at all. The buckles are very easy to use to.

andrew j


Gaerne fastbacks are the best deal for the money...They have the hinged ankle everybody likes and no booty either .

Gaerne SG 10's are awesome. Tech 10's are awesome. Really a toss up. I'v got narrow feet so the booties are nice. I like the buckle better on the SG, but the tech's look cooler. Alot of help I am.......

I bought some tech 7's last year and really like them. They have the same sole as the tech 10 but are alot more affordable and have held up really well.

i like the tech 7's, same sole as the 10's but more affordable. I have had them for about two years and they seem to be holding up great.

I've had Tech 8's and was not happy with them. Gaerne sg10's were very very good but heavy. Sidi Crossfires kick butt !

Personally I don't know why you would be worried about weight... they aren't made for walking around, they're made for standing on footpegs!

Just my thought.

Yeah, SG10's all the way. Took a couple rides to get used to the extra protection from my cheapo fly leather boots, but DEFINATELY worth it! Comfortable and excelent protection. I don't see them wearing out any time soon either. Lotta hours on mine, and with a quick rinse, they're lookin' almost brand new. Expensive... yes, but worth the money! :excuseme:

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