Ever had a stick poke though your valve cover gasket?

I was with a couple guys cutting through a brutle trail when a stick must have punched through my valve cover gasket pushing that circle part in and causing an oil leak.. luckily I noticed it and had tools to remove the valve cover and re-align the gasket.. thank god didn't loose enough oil to matter either phew....

Freak accident right.. Well believe it or not FIVE minutes later, same thing happened to a guy I was with, he wasn't so lucky and didn't have allan keys, and ended up having to leave the bike because there was NO way to push or tow it out...

Anyone ever seen this before??

His Bike, Mine is a Honda with a Unicam so even more freakish haha


You are now in the twilight zone...

wow thats freakish!

Go get lottery ticket now

haha, so stupid.

Whoa, i have yet to see anybody manage to be able to get a stick up there little lone hard enough to knock that gasket out

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