Front pads?

How long should they last? I ask as I've just fitted another set of pads, as the last set (oem suzuki according to the stealer) have lasted about a thousand miles. Well, probably a lot less than that, say, 600 miles. There's no wear on the disc, and the front brake was pretty pathetic to say the least. Nothing is seized, caliper is free as are the pistons, both pads wear rate was about the same???

i use ebc and can get 1500 out of the front and the back last even longer.


You should average well over 5000 miles on OEM pads!!

Front brake is a bit pants to begin with, a simple stainless steel braided line sorts that out tho.

I got well over 20,000 miles out of the factory pads.

Are you maybe riding the brake? I ride w/2 fingers on clutch but not the brake...Do you cover the brake while riding?

are you letting the dealer decide every thing about your bike ????

I replaced the stockers around 10,000 miles befor they ware really needed becouse the disc is to pricey to replace for me

I never use the rear brakes ( maybe during a wheely )

600 miles ??? tell them "I want my old parts."

take some pics of them post them up

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