I need help

I had a race last night and it was fairly warm out but not any hotter then a regular summer day. Practice and first motos went good. I was race 5 and 7 so I had time to come in after the first moto get some water and go back out. After the second set of motos I came in and noticed my bike smelled like coolant. It felt very hot and after it cooled down I opened my rad cap and saw nothing. Where did all of my coolant go? What should I do about running it so low. I really dont want to blow my motor so should it be torn down to check everything.

Re fill your coolant, see how much you actually did loose -- check by how much you put back in...

It could have came out the overflow?

Check your trans oil as well, see if it is milky -- the water seal could be gone causing it to go into the transmission.

And it could also be a head gasket...

--- Change out both oils, your bike got pretty hot, fresh stuff would be really nice :thumbsup:

Make sure your bike is not running lean.

+1 and +1 again

ya i do to nooooooooooooooooolan

Problem solved. A small hold in the rad from a crash a few months ago. Replacing rad and new top end.

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