DR 350 max cruise rpm's?

Hi all, just bought my wife a new (to us anyways) bike and rode it home down the freeway... and was wondering at the max sustained rpms without hurting the motor? Last night's ride was a little over an hour long, and it held between 6800 - 7000 rpms at about 105 kph... which wasn't bad for the little bike I thought. Just looking for other opinions though.. it very rarely sees that speed as we don't do much freeway driving, but it would be nice to know we're not going to kill it going on day trips!

ooh, the bike is a 1994 with 7000 km..



I run my 96 down the highway all the time and think nothing of it. I have 15/42 gearing so at 65mph im around 6,000rpm. The bike has almost 17,000mi on it and ive taken it on many long trips.

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