TNT on June 29/30 for you SE TTers

We've got a group going to TNT in Rock Hill, SC on the 29-30 of June... anybody interested. Mostly some of my buddies and some guys from

That's exit 55, I-77 S just outside of Chester, SC. I'd love to go but I'm too busy pull'n a tour out in Southwest Asia! :D:):D Damn terrorists! Maybe some other time!

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Anybody else want to come that isn't halfway around the world protecting freedom? scare me dude....The first thing you see when you open that link is "WOMENS SCHOOL OF MOTOCROSS"

I guess there will be plenty of scenery....

Unfortunitly I don't think that Robert and I will be able to ride there because of their open pipe /96db rule.

Bonzai :)

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Where is Rock Hill from the SC Border at Augusta? We were thinking about going back to Durhamtown but maybe a road trip might be in order...

We did Durhamtown for the first time last Saturday...It was awesome. Rode from 9am till 4pm and still didn't get to every trail.

Bonzai :)

Hell, I'm going with 12 discs... surely more than 96 db. Oh,yeah, I think the Women's School of MX is really for us Hare Scramble racer types... :)

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