Suspension help...Maybe!

I've had my 08 for about 2 months and I'm starting to notice a big difference when going over jumps. I've noticed that when going over jumps at the same speed as other riders on 250s there jumping alot higher and farther than me. I try hitting them faster, but it just seems like I'm not getting the pop I should be getting. I know alittle bit about suspension (where the clickers are), but not what difference they make in the attitude of the bike. I weigh 185 and riding on the stock settings.....HELP PLEASE:confused:

the suspention is not to blame, if it is doing it's job everywhere else then it's probably fine, the problem you are suffering from is commonally known as throw'n a dead sailor, this is when you simply ride off of the jump, this is not the best way to acheive maximum height, there is a technic called loading the suspention, this technic is something that must be practiced, and as you get better you can eventually seat bounce just like the pro's, however I don't recomend you jump straight to the seat bounce, first practice bouncing the suspention as you are about to go up the lip of the jump. what you are trying to acheive is for the suspention to be at it's most compressed and this will send you fly'n. so good luck

if what he said doesnt work ... adjust your forks and shock to get a little bit more rebound .. dont over due it though and make sure your bike still handles for the rest of the track



yes you've summed things up exactly, the suspention "settings" have very little to do with "how high" you can get your bike to jump, actually the suspention settings have the least to do with the bike position, rider input is what effects the bike the most.

yes you've summed things up exactly, the suspention "settings" have very little to do with "how high" you can get your bike to jump, actually the suspention settings have the least to do with the bike position, rider input is what effects the bike the most.

+1 Dont try and seat bounce first though, just go with preloading your suspension to get a feel for it.

preload it by pushing down with your feet and bouncing the bike

not to beat a dead horse here but, you actually are a little heavy for the stock spring rate, you should probably invest in some stiffer springs, because you could be blowing right through the compression stroke, but I'm still stickin with the preload answere, it's just the heavier springs will def help if your jumping, if you weren't jumping I would say stick with the stock springs.

preload it by pushing down with your feet and bouncing the bike

Lets get things straight. Preload is the gamers slang for seatbouncing or bouncing the suspension. Bouncing on the pegs has less of an outcome then the seatbounce.

Anyone who has taken a fork apart knows that the springs within the fork tubes are under compression, even when the tube has been removed from the bike. This is “preload” and simply means the compression the spring is under when the suspension is not subjected to any weight. Preload is typically adjusted on the forks by a threaded adjuster on the cap, and on the rear shock by lock rings or a ramp-type adjusting collar.

Maybe before you make asumptions based on a video game do a google.

So let me recap here. VIDEO games are just that VIDEO games. The makers of said video games generaly are nerds who don't have a fing clue on whats going on.

So now lets take another common misconseption. The game Grand turismo has set the president on this. They started the stage upgrades. So now you see idiots who go into tuner shops requesting a stage 3 upgrade for thier car.

What is a stage 3? Well anything the tuner want's to make it. What makes thing even funnier is that lets say a shop has two locations. They have 5 stages at both shops but offers a stage 5 kit 2,500 at location A. and offers a stage 4 kit at location B. for $2000 how ever thier stage 5 is 3500. Obvios customer X will go to location A to buy the stage 5 for 1000 less. Unknowingly to customer X that inreality they are paying 500 more for the same thing location B is selling for 2,000. Why is that? Because location A. Is 1 stage kit behind. How ever Customer X thinks he is getting the better deal when in reality he is Not.

Lesson? Well people who want whats in games are easly duped because, they believe what the game says must be real.

Ohh and yes I would prey on those people allday long. I have no remorse for blatent stupidity. Customer X earned the right to be ripped off.

Research is at thier fingertips. Never buy anything with out thinking about it first.

To the orriginal poster. If you are still on stock suspension and you're getting better at riding you should still send your suspsion to a suitable tuning shop and have them set the bike up to your skill level and weight. This will first off help you out imensily everywhere else on the track but allow you to properly bounce on the face of jumps.

Suspsion is the single most important modification to a bike period.

I'm planning on changing the spring rate this fall, but for now I'm going to try the pre-load, seat bounce thing for now. Thanks for the imput guys.

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