80$ mistake>

I just bought new 116 link chain for new sprockets. Even after spending an hour figuring out how many links to remove (adjusting axel length etc.) I managed to remove to many links and the chain is way too tight even with axel cam at 1st click:bonk: . Is there any way to add another link or am I forced to buy a new chain? I don't want to prematurely wear my sprocks because they were spendy.

You could probably fix it using the chain tool.


It costs like 12 bucks.

You could probably fix it using the chain tool.


I had to grind off peened side of rivet . So can't reuse rivet.

put a smaller sprocket on the back.

What about using a second master link , riding until chain stretches a bit and then removing second masterlink. Would it be bad to have to masters in row if I took it easy? Or should I just ride as is and take it easy until chain stretches a little? Any experiences would be useful.

Not at all. Two masters is fine.

I made same mistake and have had two masterlinks on myride for about 500 miles with no problem.

thanks guys. two masters it is.

You could use one rivit master link and one clip type.That's what I would do.

Trial and error ratio... next time just go with more trial and less error.

LOL, been there before...

You can also get half links if you need them I think. I just put a chain my my buddy's 73 sporty and we had to use one of those.

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