Starting, TDC, no valves open, how do you know?

So you know when you go to start the bike and and the piston is stuck somewhere in the stroke with all the valves closed... and the e-start or kick won't move it till you rock it in gear?

Does anyone know how you can guarantee this will not happen on a dead engine start?

It happens to me about once or twice a season on the start line, and it happened again yesterday... still fresh in my head:mad:

Thanks :thumbsup:

Hey Don, try setting the engine to TDC with the kicker while you are at the line before the start. Then move it ever so slightly past this point. If youhave the engine warmed up fully before you stop it and then do this procedure, I think you will be OK. It has gotten to be such a habit with me I find myself setting the engine to TDC every time we stop on the trail or whenever I shut the engine off. The only time I ever have trouble with the occurence you described is if I stall in some tight trees and hit the button to get going again. WR Dave

I seem to get it when I kill the engine ( stall or button ) from higher revs without letting it idle down :thumbsup:

Thanks guys! I'll give that a shot Dave:thumbsup:

I have the same story as tribalbc... usually only get that TDC lock when the motor stalls on the trail in a nasty spot from higher revs.... Prevents the starter motor from moving the engine at all.

The surprising thing is I have never had trouble kicking the motor over from that condition. I am 205lbs though.

I usually kick start mine most of the time just for fun and practice instead of using the Estart... I usually roll the motor over slowly until I find the higher resistance of TDC and then give it a swift kick.

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