Endurocross Trophies! What do you think?


Let me know if you think I have a valid complaint/concern here or if I'm asking for too much.

Apparently, the Endurocross owner/s (Eric P?) decided not give top 3 trophies (or any trophies for that matter) to the top 3 finishers of each of the EndruCross Grand Championship Regional Qualifier main events. Is this ridiculous or what? They tout the series as similar to the GNCC series and no trophies. What??? Mr. Eric P. told me directly "We are only giving trophies to the top 3 of the Grand Finale Main Events at the November Vegas round! Are you kidding me! $100 entry fee's, huge sponsors, people traveling from all over the country, AMA recognized series that gives AMA Number plates away at the end of the year and no trophies except for the main event. That's like not giving any trophies to any of the WORCS race winners until the year end champion is determined then giving 3 trophies away. I think that this is unacceptable! I sent a letter from the Endurocross website to the organizers about a month ago, and all I got was a response saying that it would be forwarded to the appropritae people. To say the least, as you can tell, I'm a little dissappointed with them. How cheap can you be!

So, is this a respectable concern or am I way off my rocker?

Who cares about the hardware. Endurocross pays out MONEY to the fast guys! And that's all that matters.

I have trophies in boxes in the attic just collecting dust; it's just the point that as much money as they are making, why so cheap, especially when they are comparing themselves to the GNCC series! Just an opinion!

I still don't feel your pain. You want cheap, ride a national trials. Endurocross gives so much product away as you sign up. Grab a case or two of Monster. Go over and get a massage from the Riderdown.org. therapist. Ride the go-cart track at Pole Position. You'll be more than even.

I don't want cheap or "even"; I'm just dissappointed that they themselves are being cheap, and for them to share the love with all the classes, not just the expert class, just like every other motorcycle racing association in the US. They are definately by themselves on this one! All this stuff you are talking about (freebies), this isn't coming out of their pocket, it's donated by the other companies. (Sounds like Casey Folks and BITD always complaining that he doesn't have enough volunteers for his races, while he just pockets more money for himself.) As far as cases of Monster, I doubt that would go over, and when I checked in at registration, the only massages that were available were at the Oriental massage shop down the street. This still doesn't account for not just going with the norm and give out a couple hundred dollars worth of trophies. That's what I talking about.

It is the "MAXXIS ENDUROCROSS" why no free tires for top 5? How about a Thumpertalk gift card or something. Where does the money from the event spnsors go? A case of monster,a ride on a go-cart and a massage are not going to help the finaces of racing. When i got back into the sport and did a bookoo arena cross I got 1st place in c class. I got an envelope of gift certificates to kn,renthal,pro circuit,tires,fmf, bunch of bookoo drinks.I was impressed! Did anybody get stuff like this from the endurocross? Oh, gotta love the sandbaggers too. There are pro level guys racing the open expert classes. Most events like this-if you are a AA/local pro or won a championship,you ride with the big boys-not expert level amateurs.

Ya, the format/organization is pretty lame for an AMA event, but it's still a relativley new, niche based racing category. This sport doesn't appeal to the majority of riders and Guthrie spectator turnout was not impressive at all. I think it would have been much more profitable if the OK event was held in like, Oklahoma City. The Lazy-E Arena was very cool, but located back in the 'sticks', off the beaten path... This doesn't help profit margins. The Vegas opener this yr had good turnout, but was certainly not sold out, which was impressive for a city that offers sooo many things for people to do at numerous locations.

I would like to see EX classes setup differently and would really like to have more practice time on the track. I think there should be a seperate amature (with beginners) class that experts/pros can't enter. If they want to enter open and expert that's fine, but not really fare to amatures imo. Also, the EX website could use some more attention to detail. They don't even post amature results now!:thumbsup::blah: The sport will not continue to grow if you turn away those trying to get started in it. I will likely only compete in 1 maxxis EX next yr, unless things change considerably. I love EX, but I'm losing the desire to compete with the current format.

I understand that setting up events like these are very costly, but more rider support (like free or discounted tires and bike guards perhaps) and some better tropheys would be nice. I could really care less about kart racing.

It will be interesting to see how the new mid-east/east coast rounds go this yr.

Just my $0.02!:busted:


ac717k, I agree 100 percent! I raced and won the 4-stroke class for WORCS the very first year it started and I won/recieved all kinds of cool gift certs and contingency prizes at each round, not just for the championship. I'm all about giving away some cool stuff that you can actually use on/with your bike. Hopefully some of the big wigs at EX will see this thread and take some action.

I sure hope so- I really do think that endurocross could be just as big as supercross- people not even into riding told me they saw "this crazy race" on TV-it was the endurocross! As little airtime as it gets,it surprised me how many saw it and were entertained/interested. WORCS is a perfect example of what they have invested in the series and what has come out of it. Hope maxxis EX can do the same,but they gotta step it up.

They need to seed/nurture local Endurocross racing series so when the rounds come through a region there's a base of ammie riders and spectators ready to hit that round.

What is appealing about Endurocross is that guys like me could practice it at night during the week at our local MX tracks... if such practice tracks existed. I currently drive 40 minutes to ride trails during the week when I have two MX facilities less than 20 minutes away.

Imagine a weekly Endurocross series at Glen Helen on Wednesday nights under the lights...

The local tracks would need to consist more of RR ties and rubber and less of big rocks and drop offs so bikes aren't getting destroyed on a weekly basis.

But if they fostered a local/regional scene, turnout for the marque rounds would increase.

I rode the Vegas Endurocross the first year they opened up the Friday Qualifer to us non-pros. It was a total blast. I've never been treated as well as those guys teated me. This was back when Dan Clark was still involved in the program.

My only complaint was I didn't get enough time on the track, but I understand they have created more opportunities for weekend warriors to get on that track compared to the time I rode.

BTW, I made my own trophy. I took the number plate off my bike that had the Endurocross sticker and number they provided us. People see it hanging on the wall of my garage and for half a second they think I rode in the big show. LOL.

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