Dirty Hotness: Finally got some seat time!

Well, if you remember my old thread (something along the lines of "The New Hotness") I rebuilt my bike lately and was eager to go get my spotless machine dirty. Yesterday my roomate who is recovering from a moto injury and I loaded up my bike and took off for Three Palms in Conroe, TX. Aside from the heat and the dust at the end of the day (water pumps broke) the track was awesome. Its a track with a few big jumps and heavenly berms. There are a couple of lines where an inside rut is faster, but the outside line is so much fun! :thumbsup:

Anyway, here are some pics.


Bike and Supafreak_711



Erosion is my middle name :worthy:



That made for an interesting landing.


















those are sick pics!!! espcially the 3rd one in the berm awesome...

i was out there yesterday too i was on the yamaha with the black and white thor gear

your bike is so sick

That 3rd one is insane:worthy:


Post a pic so I can get the mental picture working. Were you riding the main track most of the day?

Did you stay late enough to see Ronnie Jackson having a whip practice session? That kid is nutz!

btw i love 7-11...just thought i throw that out there.

i dont got any yet there was a dude out that was taking some that is gonna send me and my friend some ill post one up when i get em

and ya watching ronny and derrik whiping was freaking sick

That tabel top next to the highway has to be fun. I'd have a hard time not screwing with the passing motorist. :thumbsup:

nice pics! awesome bike and sweet gear too!

Awesome pictures!

That tabel top next to the highway has to be fun. I'd have a hard time not screwing with the passing motorist. :busted:

Yeah same here i would have a hard time trying not to flick off the people in the cars driveing down the road while flying in the air :thumbsup::worthy:

wow! now i wana ride! thoes are some cool pics:ride:

As we were leaving yesterday your bike caught my eye as you hit the camel back up the main and I realized who it was. Should've been out there at 9 A.M. man! Main track was primo first thing yesterday, and when Emil got off the River track at around 2 it was, and I quote, "epic." Cool pictures, keep your knees in tight the the tank though. Notice you'll never see a pro with his knees out.

Get them elbows up...haha.

Did One ever send you replacements for your pink graphics or did you decide to stick with em?

Track looks fun and your berm shots look pretty sick.


Three Trees is the SHIZZY!!!!

sweet pics man , that track looks super fun :thumbsup:

Sick bike man!

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