Fork Problems

I just bought an 08 yz250f 2 weeks ago (dealer demo) and I've noticed that the dam fork seals leak. Couple times ive come into the garage and its dripping from the caliper. I tryed using a small film and some wd40 in a final attempt to try to stop this but no luck. Now after trying this i noticed that they compress fairly harsh, I can hear/feel the seals drag. Is there anything else im going to have to replace? Ive only ridden it twice and I have no idea on how much oil is remaining inside. Thanks

I had the same thing with my RM-Z. I just replaced the seals and fluid and thats all it took. The fork action was smoother and no more leakage, but you never know if there is any internal damage unless you check though.

its most likely just seals.

Yamahas used to have a 30 day warranty. Don't know if they still do or not but it's worth a shot. When I got my 98YZ250 new the seals leaked within a couple of weeks and the dealer replaced them for free. Now that I think about it they also didn't add enough oil and had me scratchin my head for a while since I was bottoming all of a sudden!

Just a thought here,

could the forks be in a bind from the dealership or whoever putting the

bike together? Is seems very odd a new bike would have a fork seals

leak after 2 weeks. I would lossen everything up, pinch bolts, triple clamp

pinch bolts and retorque everthing. Just my .02


thanks for the replys, its covered under warranty but it would cost me $80 to drive to the dealer where i purchased my bike. So I just tore them apart and had the local protech suspension shop rebuild them with new seals for $65.

Try this. It is real helpful

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